December 15, 2020

Overview of CPD in The Construction Industry

Over the years, continuing professional development has become an integral part of the career progression of professionals in the construction industry. Regulatory changes, technological advancements, the evolution of procurement practices, and increased emphasis on specialization have ensured that professionals take steps to upgrade their skills and focus on ongoing learning. It is impossible to have a successful career by merely attaining the necessary qualification when your career starts and then abstaining from CPD learning activities.

Employers and organizations in the construction industry also gain a lot from CPD. They get skilled and empowered employees who can help employers achieve their business goals and objectives. Through well-crafted CPD activities and training programs, businesses can make sure that the standards in all departments of the company are at par with expectations. The overall productivity of organizations gets a boost by optimum utilization of CPD.

The construction industry in the UK has more than 500,000 professionals who are members of nearly 50 professional bodies managing professional standards and benchmarks. Unsurprisingly, most of these professional bodies require measuring of the CPD learning activities undertaken by their members and mandate them to complete the specified number of hours on CPD training programs annually.

CPD guidelines for members provided by three of the most prominent professional bodies in the UK construction industry have been discussed below:

Employers in the construction industry should encourage employees to participate in the most relevant CPD learning activities. Short-term training programs, online learning activities, conferences & seminars that have clear learning objectives suitable for requirements of specific disciplines in the construction industry will always be ideal for optimized professional development.


Humza Zahid

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