Privacy Policy

Tutorak located at 10 Tiller Rd, Isle of Dogs, London E14 8PX, United Kingdom, (hereinafter referred to as we, us, our, Tutorak) respects your privacy and we are fully committed to protecting it. The terms of privacy expressed in this Privacy Policy formulate the basis on which any of your personal and professional data collected by us, or provided to us by you, will be processed and used by us. We request all visitors to read the terms and conditions of this privacy policy carefully to understand our methods, practices and views with regards to your personal and professional data. This privacy policy also sets out the various ways in which we can use your personal and professional data.

By visiting, all visitors accept and provide their legal consent to the practices expressed by us in this privacy policy. In case you want to withdraw your consent to the methods and practices expressed in our privacy policy, you may:

  • Change and disable the functionality of cookies from your browser (all relevant instructions can be found by searching on search engines by inputting your browser and the device from which you access our website) to stop your data being collected by our website and/or all other mediums;
  • Or you may choose to stop browsing our website.


Information provided to, collected by and received by Tutorak

We can choose to collect, process and use the below-mentioned pieces of information about you:

  • Information provided to us by you- You may choose to provide us with your personal and/or professional information by filling details in different forms on our site or by engaging in correspondence with us by email, phone and other standard modes of communication. The information to us by you includes data submitted when you register to make use of our site, when you get a subscription for our service(s), makes use of our service(s), place and confirm order(s) on our site and when you choose to report problem(s) while using our site. The information you provide to us may consist of your name, your full/partial address, your email address(es) and your phone number, financial information, payments and credit/debit card information, your professional and academic qualifications, your professional and skill enhancement interests and all other relevant pieces of information you provide to us in various situations.
  • Information collected by us- When you visit our site the following pieces of information are collected automatically by our website:
    • Information concerning the Internet protocol (IP) address that you use to connect your device to the Internet, information relating to details about your logins, the type as well as version of your browser, information about time zone settings on your device, plug-in types and versions of your device, details about your operating system(OS) as well as the platform. These pieces of information are placed under our ‘Technical Information’ category.
    • information relating to your visit on our website that comprises the complete Uniform Resource Locators (URL) clickstream leading to/ from/ through our site  and it includes time as well as the date of these visits to/from/through our site ; pages and specific items viewed and/or searched by you; time taken by pages to respond, errors related to download, length and duration of your visits to all pages, information concerning your interactions with pages including your scrolls/ clicks/mouse-overs on all pages, the method that you use to navigate from pages on our site and all phone number(s) that you use to place calls to our customer service number(s).
  • Information received by Tutorak from other platforms/medium/ sources- We may receive/obtain different pieces of personal and professional information about you if you make use of any other websites operated by us and/or if you choose to make use of any other service(s) provided by us. Tutorak may collaborate and coordinate professionally with third parties which may include: our business partners, legal persons to whom we outsource/ sub-contract our services for purposes that may be technical services, payment-related services, delivery-based services, our advertising network partners/collaborators, analytics services providers, service providers for search information, agencies for credit references; and we can choose to obtain/receive personal and professional information about you.

Categories of individuals and other legal person(s) for whom Tutorak automatically collects information:

There are certain categories of individuals for whom we automatically collect data, and they are bound by all the terms and conditions listed on this privacy page. The details of these categories have been provided below:

Individual learners enrolling in our courses– To start, continue and complete their training and other related tasks/ actions all learners must mandatorily register with our Learning Management System (LMS) account. To access and start using our Learning Management System (LMS), learners must provide all the mandatory information during the registration and account creation process. This implies that we will store all the data provided by learners. This data is subject to all the other terms detailed on this privacy page, and we make use of this data in deciding course results of learners and providing necessary certification. This data is also used by us to enhance system usage and the quality of our courses, provide better support and query resolution.

When the personal information of learners has been uploaded/ provided by institutions, employer organisations, course resellers or any other third party, then the information provider  shall be treated as co-controllers of their data along with Tutorak. In such cases if the course content is provided to the learner directly by the third party without uploading any personal information of the learner on our LMS, then Tutorak shall not have any liability as a data controller and the third party would be the only controller of data. In such contingencies, the third party shall be bound by the terms and conditions of this privacy page and the learner shall not be privy to this contract.

Tutorak adheres to the practices as prescribed by JISC for management of learners’/ students’ records. As a part of this endeavour, we maintain the records of learners indefinitely to provide relevant information (personal data, details of the training program, test scores etc.) when required by prospective employers of the learner or any other institution under the provisions of any law for the time being in force in the UK or any other international statute/ treaty.

Tutorak also reserves the right to provide personal information of learners to the concerned institutions accrediting/ approving our courses.

Existing as well as prospective customers– Tutorak uses the services of MS Dynamics 365 CRM software for the management of our accounts as well as business development. The personal information, as provided at the time of making queries of placing buy orders for courses, are uploaded in our CRM software. This includes details of the courses purchased, relevant data of the buyers (individuals and other legal persons) along with their contact details. Tutorak processes the data of existing/ current customers to fulfil our contractual obligations as training providers and course sellers.  The data of prospective customers can be used for sending our marketing/ advertising materials, providing information about newly added courses or maintaining other forms of communication.

All visitors to our website– When individuals/ legal persons visit our website, they may be required to provide their personal details such as name, email address, educational qualification etc. to make queries. This information is used by us to resolve queries of visitors optimally. It must be noted that this information can be stored by Tutorak and used for marketing/ advertising purposes.

Individuals/ legal person(s) purchasing our services– In case you want to purchase our products/ services, additional pieces of information would be required. In order to process payments against these products/ services Tutorak may choose to use the services of a third party as per our discretion. The payment information provided in this situation shall not be stored by Tutorak , but the learner/ purchaser of products/ services shall be bound by the terms and conditions of use as decided by the third party which shall be provided to the leaner/ purchaser of products/services by the third party payment provider.

However, Tutorak will use your personal details to provide the services/ products for which you have placed an order. Your contact information will be used by us to communicate with you whenever the need for the same arises as per our discretion. We also reserve the right to track your usage of our website, your usage of our products/ services to improve our website and products/ services.

The usage information may also be provided to third parties as per our discretion for the same objective(s). However, we will ensure that the information provided to third parties would not enable identification of the learner/ purchaser of our products/ services.

Individuals subscribing to our newsletters or marketing items– Visitors to our website may choose to subscribe to our newsletters and other marketing items. In order to subscribe, the vistors would be required to provide pieces of information as decided by Tutorak . At the time of providing these pieces of information, the visitor would be required to provide their legally binding consent to Tutorak  for the storage of their personal information.

These pieces of information may be used by us to provide you with pertinent information regarding courses and other products/ services of Tutorak  as per our discretion using the contact information provided by visitors. Your information may also be stored by third party data processors as chosen by us at our discretion.

In case visitors place queries using any of the methods provided on our website, the information provided may be used by Tutorak  on our CRM software allowing our CRM providers to contact the querist/ visitor.

Freelancers, course material providers and sub-contractors– Personal information provided/ uploaded by freelancers, course material providers can be used to fulfil our contractual obligations to learners/ purchasers of our products/ services. Tutorak  can also use this data for marketing/ advertising purposes and to fulfil our contractual obligations with the respective freelancer/ course material provider/ sub-contractor.

Our employees– Our means and methodologies for the use of data provided by our employees are detailed in their employement agreements. At times, the personal information of employees can be provided to third parties as employment references/ recommendations, providing governmental/ statutory benefits under the Labour Laws for the time being in force in the UK, contacts in case of emergencies, and other usages as detailed in the contract of employment. Furthermore, the HR team of Tutorak  shall make internal rules for usage of personal information of employees which shall be communicated internally to the concerned employees.

Professionals applying for jobs with Tutorak – When individuals send applications for being employed against vacant positions at Tutorak , their personal information for this purpose shall be collected by us. The collection and storage of personal information of such applicants shall be done even in case the applications are made through third parties such as recruitment agencies. Tutorak  reserves the right to share this information with associates/ business partners. The contact information provided by job applicants can be used by our associates/ business partners to communicate with the applicants. We also reserve the right to verify these pieces of information using legitimate means of investigation and conduct background checks as per the prevailing rules of our company.

Our Cookies Policy

Our website makes use of cookies for optimum functionality. A cookie refers to a file of numbers and/or letters that we may choose to store on your computer after you provide your legal consent for the same. These cookies serve the purpose of differentiating you from other users of our site allowing us to provide optimum user experience to all users when they are using our site while ensuring consistent improvements in the functionality of our website.

Tutorak  makes use of the below-listed cookies:

  • Essential cookies- These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website. They enable seamless navigation to different pages of our site along with facilitating your access to secure areas of our site.
  • Analytical cookies- Also known as performance cookies, they give us the information needed to recognise different visitors and calculate the total number of visitors. They also let us find out the ways in which different visitors navigate to and from different pages of the site while using it. We use these cookies to improve the user experience and website functionality by ensuring all users find what they are searching for with ease.
  • Functionality cookies- We use these cookies to recognise a user when they come back to browse our website. These cookies allow us to provide personalised content, including linguistic and regional preferences, to different users by greeting them with their names and recollecting their preferred browsing pattern.
  • Marketing cookies- They cookies keep track and maintain all records of your visits to our website, including the pages browsed by you as well as the different links you follow in the process. The information we collect allows us to provide you with relevant advertisements relating to your interests when you visit our site.  We reserve the right to disclose/ share/ transfer these pieces of information with third parties for fulfilling the purposes relevant to these cookies.

Our methodology for processing and using the information collected / received/ provided:

The information about you that we possess from consented methods can be used in the below-listed ways/methods:

  • Information provided by you may be used for:
    • fulfilling our contractual obligations arising out of contract(s) and agreements between you and Tutorak  and to grant you access to pieces of information, our products and/or services requested by you;
    • providing your employer organisation access to information relating to other products and/or services offered by us which are similar in effect/nature to products and/or services that you have bought and/or used or made an enquiry (you may choose to stop obtaining related communications if you desire by proceeding with the opt- out links in emails or by contacting us at the below-listed email address) ;
    • providing you, or allowing chosen third parties to give you different pieces of information pertaining to products and/or services that we have reason to believe may be of interest to you. We contact current customers by means of email(s) or SMS(s) to provide information relating to services similar to those products and/or services previously negotiated or sold.  We do not share or transfer your personal information obtained in this manner to third parties for the purposes of marketing;
    • informing you about all change(s) to our service(s);
    • making sure that the information obtained by you from our site is conveyed and communicated in the most efficient fashion to you on the device(s) you use to access our site.
  • Information collected by us may be used for:
    •  Administering our site and facilitating different internal applications thereof which may include analysis of data, creating relevant statistics, conducting surveys, research related usages, troubleshooting as well as troubleshooting;
    • Enhancing the quality of our site and making sure the information on it is conveyed in the most efficient fashion to different users using different devices to access our site;
    • Granting your participation in different aspects of our services(s) whenever you choose to participate in them;
    • Making our site safer as well as more secure for all users;
    • Understanding and analysing the relevance of the advertisements we present to different users and to make them more suitable for all users;
    • Presenting our views, opinions and recommendations to all users with our products and/or services that we feel may be relevant to them.
  • Information received by us from other platforms/medium/ sources may be used for:

We reserve the right to cumulate these pieces of information with the information provided by you and information collected by us. Keeping in view the nature and type of information, we may choose to use it for the various objectives that have been expressed in any portion of this privacy policy including “Our methodology for processing and using the information collected / received/ provided”

Our methodology for disclosing, transferring and sharing your information:

We reserve the right to disclose/share/transfer your information with members of Tutorak  business group which may include existing organisations or legal persons to be created in the future and may comprise our holding company as well as subsidiaries as per the definition of ‘holding company’ and ‘subsidiaries’ enshrined in the UK Companies Act of 2006.

The third parties to whom we may disclose/ share / transfer your information include:

  • our business partners; legal persons to whom we outsource/ sub-contract our services; our advertising network partners/collaborators in order to fulfil our contractual obligations with you or with them;
  • analytics services providers and service providers for search information for enhancement in the quality and user experience of our website;
  • agencies for credit references for analysing and calculating credit scores of some users as part of the terms and conditions of our contractual relations with them.

Circumstances under which we may choose to disclose/ share/ transfer information about you to chosen third parties:

  • If and/or when Tutorak  Limited initiates the process of buying new business assets or selling existing business assets, we may disclose/ share/ transfer your information to the probable seller(s) or a probable buyer(s) of business assets.
  • If and/or when Tutorak  Limited as a whole or any stock holdings, business assets thereof are acquired by or merged into a third party, your information will automatically be transferred to the new legal entity that holds ownership rights over the former assets of Tutorak  Limited.
  • If and/or when Tutorak  is legally obligated to disclose/ share / transfer your information to fulfil our duties as per the terms and conditions expressed in contracts involving us as a party; or to protect the legal rights, safety, and business assets of Tutorak  Limited, our clients/customers or any other legal/ natural person. This situation is inclusive of situations wherein reducing credit risk and protecting us from fraud is concerned.

The storage and location of data provided to, collected and received by us:

The personal and professional information about all visitors and/ or users that we possess is stored on our servers with locations in the European Economic Area. Tutorak  Limited may provide to users a password to access specific areas on our site. The password may also be chosen by individual users. All users must ensure the confidentiality and protection of this password because of its security implications. The consequences and circumstances, including access of information by third parties, arising as a result of the sharing of this password would be the legal responsibility of the user. Tutorak  Limited can not be held accountable or liable in such situation(s).

It must be noted that the exchange and transmission of data & information using the internet cannot be secured and protected completely. Tutorak  Limited will use all means and methods, at par with technical standards pertaining to the industry, to ensure the safety, protection and security of your information but when you transmit data to our site its security is your responsibility. We do not guarantee the protection and security of the transmitted data. After obtaining information about you we will make use of the most effective methods and tools to ensure its security.

The duration for which your data and information is kept with us

As a general rule, the personal and professional information of all members is deleted from our servers six UK tax years after their membership is over or terminated. However, in special cases, we may be obligated under the UK or international statutes to keep this information.

The rights of all members, users and visitors:

All members, users and visitors can request Tutorak  not to process their personal information for purposes related to marketing, as a right. Members, users and visitors may inform us about their intention to exercise this right by conveying the same at [email protected].


Different pages on our site may have URLs to websites outside the purview of Tutorak . Visitors, users and members navigating to any of these websites will be administered by the terms and conditions of the privacy policy of those websites and we will not be responsible, accountable or liable for the stipulations contained in their privacy policies. It is advised that you read and understand these stipulations before you grant access of your information to those websites.

All visitors, users and members can get their information deleted, transferred, shared and/ or corrected as a right. Granting us access to their data is also a right vested in individual users, visitors and members.

In case you have any problems with our methodology in using, processing, treating, storing your data, you can contact us at [email protected]. In case, our responses and/ or solutions are not satisfactory you can may choose to file an official complaint before the Information Commissioner. Please contact up at the email address below if you would like to exercise any of your rights.

Communication and conveyance of changes in this privacy policy

If/ when we will make any changes, including modifications, additions, deletions or omissions to our privacy policy, the changes will be expressed on this page. In some cases, as per our discretion, we may choose to inform you about the modifications, additions, deletions or omissions via email and/ or SMS.  All users are requested to read this privacy policy page and understand its contents at frequent intervals to stay informed about the changes as stated above. The last date the policy was changed is at the top, for your reference.

Contact us for resolution of queries, making suggestions or requests

We recommend visitors, users and members to contact us at [email protected] in case they want more information, want to ask us relevant questions or make suggestions for improvement of this policy.